Escape the shackles of tradition! Brilliant white princess wedding dresses design beyond

We work together to escape the shackles of tradition! Take a look at the wonderful white princess wedding dresses design outside of it! Not only white princess 2015 wedding dresses can bring your elegance and holiness, the other colors, the same wonderful!

For everyone to popularize knowledge about some small studio:

Before the studio relatively humble, very simple layout of the scene, just the plain background cloth to act as a shot in the background, there are some small props and simple lighting arrangement to create the atmosphere of the scene. Especially now shooting photography shooting princess wedding dresses the fixed comparison. Many guests have received every day, especially now taken to improve the level, simply can not meet the requirements of the studio has been completely personalized shooting. Outside of real locations is very real, so there is a real studio Yaodazaochu outdoor real effect, some green vegetation, cherry trees, sea view rooms have appeared in the real studio, so that people have more for Virtual Studio ideas.

Now the building level can make you feel completely different experience, whether domestic or foreign architectural scene, can be implemented in the real studio. Virtual studio photography is completely subvert the idea to create the conditions for different photography needs.

Virtual studio will always exist, there will be more new scene appears in the studio.

Fairy tale The Snow Queen lace wedding dresses

lace wedding dresses make you dressed like a queen Anna is so mint lace dress, incarnation of The Snow Queen, towards holy matrimony, from your Prince Charming and happy life together.
Lace, a woman synonymous. Lace wedding dress fabric has always been a material often used, even if you will usually occasions against the background in the charming lace, lace wedding dresses to show a woman’s unique beauty.
lace wedding dresses1: Material lace bridal wedding much loved
Lace was originally most women’s favorite element, if the increase in the beautiful wedding above, the more perfect. Bridal lace wedding dresses are also very popular, major fashion weeks new releases lace wedding dress material will be prospective brides love.
Half Sleeve Tank Top Brush Train Lace Sheath Column Wedding Dress Awa0022
lace wedding dresses2: holy white lace wedding dresses
Was originally a holy white lace wedding dress elegance, delicate lace blouse small, so that a simple wedding dress style has a very big difference on the bright spots.

Holy lace wedding dresses
lace wedding dresses3: collar, cuffs
Victorian era, brides began to lace wedding dress sewn collar, cuffs and skirt place, it is full of flavor. Today, lace wedding dresses are widely used in wedding dress, but also very popular with brides welcome.

lace wedding dresses4: can also be retro simplicity
lace wedding dresses lace as difficult to define as it can be very costly, can also be very simple, can be very retro, can also be very fashionable …… dreamy lace wedding dresses is a piece composed by lace interwoven love for life.

lace wedding dresses5: pure beauty of a woman with a sexy yet
Mint-colored lace make you lose the beauty of a woman in a pure and sexy, and in foreign countries, lace dress favored by the aristocracy. Pick up a lace dress, in the incarnation of a fairy tale wedding out of the Snow Queen.

The first choice of natural eco-friendly wedding dress bride wedding dress

Environmental protection is now a synonym for fashion, eco-friendly wedding couple can choose to show your unique, subtle romance you, you beautiful, giving special significance for your ideal wedding, the introduction of more praise!
The wedding is to show their chic side, why not choose a natural eco-friendly wedding dress, make yourself comfortable to wear, the guests looked delightful, let the other half loved, make yourself happy.
Eco-friendly silk brocade wedding dress 1.
Silk brocade fabrics with simple cut to make love with the expression containing silk brocade build elegant, using kimono surprise element is blooming, just lean physique Johnson MM can easily manage. And the wide waist skirt dress cleverly sketched out the women’s soft curves, exotic let you easily get rid of Datong.

Environmentally friendly natural silk ball gown wedding dresses 2
Natural silk V-neck lace sleeves to let more light and elegant wedding dress decent, quite royal princess temperament style. Shoulder or arm butterfly sleeves MM can choose to try, so inadequate bypass. Scalloped lace V-neck and three-dimensional retro create a dignified bride styling, make you walking in between filling elegant charm.
Chic Sweetheart Chapel Train Organza Ball Gown Wedding Bridal Gown Aca0005
Natural Silk

3 green eco-friendly wedding dress dyeing
Eco-friendly dyeing hanging neck gradient design inadvertently hint of playful vitality into the romantic charm to go, pleated design and smooth silhouette figure is simply no clear lines of prospective brides gospel. Gradient dyeing enhanced sense of hierarchy, so that the effect of the natural folds elegant more casual.

Environmentally friendly printing

Environmentally friendly paper wedding dress silk fabrics 4
Silk fabric on paper wedding dress cleverly crafted gift ideas and sculptural effect, people may still taste after careful enough, can justifiably claim to be the art of wedding dress model withstand scrutiny, with legs quickly put little girls “ballet skirt” for themselves! hourglass fantasy perfect romantic bridal wear and fashion styles together, to enhance the delicacy of the multilayer thin perspective.

Silk fabrics paper

5 natural eco-friendly wedding dress gauze
Natural Bra gauze tutu perfect interpretation of the noble sweet shy little princess image, as long as you have a slim waist, do not miss the opportunity to make beautiful protagonist!

Natural Shazhi

6 eco-friendly wedding dress pure silk fabrics
Pleated process of pure silk fabrics for the delicacy of the whole Look for a lot of extra points, eye candy of the United States back for both men and women can not resist any of the girls back satisfaction articles must be done, let exclaimed glimpse stay in the room back!