Shelton bans skimpy prom dresses

SHELTON — Shelton High school is banning black formal dresses that show too much skin — leaving a number of female students and their moms fuming.
“They’ve suggested the girls wear T-shirts under their dresses, inch said Trisha Marini, whoever daughter has had it’s unlikely that any, but two dresses rejected as inappropriate. “My daughter won’t wear a T-shirts. She would be mortified. inch
Dozens of girls are impacted by the foundations, according to Marini, who said clothing code edict was leapt with them this morning. It is a claim school officials flatly refute.
Standing outside Shelton High school after school at a swiftly called press conference on Mon, Schools Superintendent Freeman Burr Junior. said the region dress code policy is not new and was not a secret to students who had to sign a contract to go to the prom.
The contract calls for appropriate formal dress and states that students dressed wrongly will not be allowed into the dance.
Clothing code — which is a separate online document that is part of a student code of conduct — forbids bare midriffs, halter tops, tube tops, strapless tops, see-through lace tops, spaghetti band container tops, and short mini skirts.
Burr said the issue located light a while ago when students started sharing pictures of their gold sequin prom dresses with school and staff — who became concerned with what they saw. Some dresses, he said clearly surpassed the line.
“Obviously, we understand that prom attire differs from the others from what students wear to school on a daily basis, but what we will not allow are dresses that are considered to overexpose our body, inch Burr said.
Burr said 549 students have purchased tickets to go to the prom, which is set for Sunday at the Oakdale Theater in Wallingford.
Of those, 313 are female students. He said only six or seven prom dresses, to his knowledge, have been deemed “questionable. inch It’s not clear how officials know most dresses will be deemed appropriate.
Some students, however, say they have decided to not even buy a ticket to the prom because of what they call “the drama. inch
“I had the form and the money to pay, but if i can’t wear something which will make me feel beautiful, there is no point, inch said Aisha Nieves, 16, a Shelton High jr.
Nieves said clothing she chosen, but had not yet purchased, is strapless.
“I feel if they told us in Economy is shown, when girls started looking for prom dresses, it would don’t you have blown up like it did, inch Nieves said.
Caroline Steadham, a senior, agreed.
“I am not completely against implementing a dress code, inch Steadham said. “However, girls started purchasing their dresses since February. Dresses nowadays are less conservative than they used to be. It is extremely hard to find a dress without it having some slit or back cut out. inch
Steadham isn’t going to the prom but has multiple friends who are — and whoever dresses just weren’t approved.
“I do not think implementing a strict dress code 7 days before the event is realistic, inch Steadham said. “The prom contract stated appropriate formal wear, with no guidelines about what appropriate meant.
Marini, who said she plans to send her daughter, Kylee Opper, to the prom anyway, said her initial concern was finding a prom dress that would pass muster with her father.


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