Attire mom of the Bride: Our Best Tips!

One of the most popular parts of the The southern area of Weddings community is that it’s not just brides reading and engaging, it’s moms, sisters, cousins, and friends, too! Moms, especially, come to us for advice on facets of wedding planning that are often distinctive from when they got married, and we’re happy to help. Today, Terrie Tibbetts Martin, co-owner of T. Carolyn, a store devoted to mother of the bride and mother of the bridegroom dresses in Houston, is sharing her best tips for brides helping their mamas find their perfect plus size mother of the bride dresses with jackets!

Encourage her to begin shopping early. Most parents underrate how long normally it takes to order a dress if the right size or color is not in stock. It’s been my experience that parents always put themselves last, because they are busy taking care of everyone else! Make it a point that just this once, she thinks of herself. She gets started looking for her dress as soon as the bride has selected hers, it’s ok to begin looking for the mother’s dress even if the bride hasn’t made one last decision on the attendants’ dresses.

Give both parents plenty of meaning support. They may put on a bold face, but choosing a dress for this important event can be stressful for moms. There’s a lot of (self-imposed) pressure to look good, and most will tell you they don’t have the same figures as when they were brides. Every mother is on a diet. Come alongside your mom and your groom’s mom with plenty of love and confidence.

Make dress shopping a special occasion. If you’re able, want to reserve a day to scout options with your mom or future mother-in-law at a few local stores or accessories. Just as most brides want their moms present for dress shopping, most moms probably feel the in an identical way! To cap off the day, take her out to lunch as a thank you for all she’s done so far with wedding planning.

the southern area of wedding family portrait Attire mom of the Bride: Our Best Tips!

Photo by Jess Barfield from Abby + Cameron’s wedding

Encourage her to wear a color she looks fantastic in. Not only will she feel great in her dress, but the wedding pictures will turn out better if everyone looks comfortable and confident. Another selling point of being open to color is that it automatically gives moms more dress options to choose from – when parents become too focused on particular colors, they often times overlook mother of the bride dresses 2016 that would look amazing with them. The rule of thumb is that the parents may wear any color as long as it doesn’t collide with the bridesmaids’ dresses or the wedding colour pallette.

Make sure that mom feels really good in whatever dress she ends up wearing. Parents are often so intent on pleasing the bride that they end up with dresses that they wouldn’t have chosen for themselves. Make sure that clothing is representative of her personality, that she truly feels great in it, and that it’s comfortable (both emotionally and physically) for her.

While the big day focus will be on the happy couple and the life they’re creating together, a child’s big day is such a special occasion for mom and dad, too. A little additional time spent loving on mom throughout your proposal and especially as she’s choosing her dress should go a long way to making it an incredible experience for everyone!


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