Select the little girls pageant dresses according to the wedding scene

Blue-green ocean theme wedding the most suitable color little girls pageant dresses. Little kids and wedding hue perfect unity, is definitely one of the most beautiful luster of the whole wedding.

Outdoor garden wedding, if you are ready to tune in soft pink flower girl dress skirt for little guests, we will make these little girls love you not. Pink can only dream of decorating your wedding, it is possible to get the kids in hot pursuit.
Purple Taffeta Spaghetti Strap Floor Length Flower Girl Dress With Flower B3ma0006
Lush green quiet summer with bright red little girls pageant dresses, wedding photos that will definitely become the most attractive that one.

Temperament princess flower shape, like a smaller version of the bride styling. Suitable with the grand design of the bride and the wedding. For example, a wedding chapel wedding or hotel.

Bohemian style flower girl feel of choice for outdoor weddings. The age of 10 or so guests with flowers best suited to this simple and fresh style.

Do the new material on the wedding dark blue, dark blue strong texture can enhance the wedding fashion degree. As to enhance the taste of decorative colors, including this little dress perfectly express the noble fashion style wedding.


How to choose a wedding flower girl

Wedding flower girl can be a man and a woman, it can be two girls or two boys, wedding flower girl is not mandatory gender and number of children aged 5-7 most suitable wedding flower girl, because at this age children cute lively, but also obedient.

Responsibility wedding flower girl
● wedding flower petals tossed the first approach and
Dinner started, wedding march sounded, when the new approach in the long-awaited, dressed in wedding flower girl dress flower girl should appear when you first along the red carpet, shed a shower of petals, to clear the way for the new.
● handed ring pillow when exchanging rings
In exchange rings link, proffered by the lovely flower ring pillow.
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1 perfect dress rehearsal ahead of the show
The day before the wedding, first of all conduct a rehearsal of the ceremony, so the wedding flower girl for their work have a preliminary understanding, correct its wrong place at the rehearsal, the official start to reduce the errors incurred. Even if there are any questions, do not be too harsh on the flower girl who, after all, they are still children it ~
2 day in advance to adapt to the dress
Comfortable cheap flower girl dresses for children to wear on the body as if nothing, so they can enjoy the Sahuan. Before the wedding day, let the children try on wedding day clothes, especially new shoes, flip things can not happen in the wedding.
3 flower girl getting ready for the wedding, “sweetness”
Children can look a little bribery, let the bridesmaids carry a small bag decorated in a small snack, when children do not listen, do not match, it is sometimes a little chocolate can make them quiet.