Mother Of The Bride Dress B2mc0067

Mother Of The Bride Dress B2mc0067


See a female star to perform Chiffon military ball gowns

Romantic revealed a hazy atmosphere, elegant with refined temperament, from the red carpet to the workplace soft chiffon to women having fatal attraction. The red carpet actress who played different style chiffon with unique temperament, both graceful atmosphere, or flirtatious Linglong, against the background of the women are infinitely better.

Hofit Golan supermodel Hofit Golan in chiffon military ball gowns, attracted people’s attention, a diamond necklace and Earrings shine a plus, the dumping of all sentient beings.

military ball gowns

Eva Longoria Parker layered skirt with shoulder design, let not the romantic sexy housewife, with simple and elegant and fine jewelry bright shining out of the ordinary, more refined temperament.

Kate Beckinsale fluffy white gauze skirt dream and noble, ear diamond earrings and comb the hair to perfectly fit the noble.

August bride bouquets to build creative style

The bride holding flower, is an important decorative bride wedding day style, different flowers and style dress collocation, create different fashionable bride temperament. Guest artists Kuai Yue as we design 5 different styles of the bouquet, with indoor gorgeous wedding, seaside wedding, lawn wedding and so on a variety of site requirements, present the August the most diversified summer bride.

Bouquet of elongated

Satin light wedding veil

Flowers: Horseshoe lotus + horseshoe lotus leaf

Emerald green slender stems, suitable for a quiet and modest maiden style wedding veil, simple circular skirts have different approaches but equally satisfactory results after natural and fresh, wonderful and flower calla, bride calm temperament to show.

Spherical bouquet

Wrap chest straight 2014 wedding dresses

Flowers: the flame Lily + red carnations

Flame Lily thick and strong bloom, reminiscent of the tropical island beach wedding, so the fashion editor with flat sandals with easy to wear straight skirt dress, with abundant pearl necklace, the cheerful atmosphere manufacturing island wedding.